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• Family Violence Intervention Program or Domestic Violence Intervention:

State approved program that is conducted in the evenings in a group setting.

• Substance Abuse:

PCMS conducts substance abuse clinical evaluations and substance abuse treatment. Substance abuse treatment is conducted in group and individual therapy. PCMS is an approved state substance abuse treatment provider.

• Intensive Family Intervention (IFI) TREATMENT:

A family will have assigned a team of 3 to 4 members, which will consist of therapists and paraprofessionals. The team of professionals will meet with the family a minimum of three times per week for approximately one hour for each session. The average length of treatment is approximately three months. The more severe cases could remain in treatment for extended periods of time. IFI services can take place in the home, community, school and office settings.

• Community Support Individual (CSI) SERVICES:

CSI is a lower level of care than IFI. CSI typically is a natural step down from IFI. CSI services are provided by one therapist that meets with the family at least two times per week for approximately six months. The qualifications for CSI are the same as IFI with the only difference being that individuals are less severe than IFI clients. The CSI services are also provide in the home, school, community and office settings.

PCMS Services are out patient based and include the following:


Violence Intervention Program

Domestic Violence Intervention

Substance Abuse








• Anger Management:

Anger Management focuses on applying methods of intervention using techniques that touch on interpersonal assertion, empathy, stress management, aggression, interpersonal differences, and personal motivation.

Anger management sessions are conducted in groups or individual sessions.

Our outpatient groups are offered throughout the week in the evenings which makes this service an excellent choice for those who work.

Outpatient treatment gives the individual an opportunity to interact in a real world environment while benefiting from a peer oriented, structured therapeutic program. The client progress is assessed regularly by the clinical staff who develop individualized treatment plans with each client.

PCMS Services Provided

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